Difference between duvet and comforter

A duvet is the same thing as a down comforter (a comforter with down feathers for filling). Duvets / down comforters are typically put in a duvet cover / comforter cover. The cover protects the duvet / down comforter and keeps it clean.

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Oversized comforter sets

Oversized comforter sets are an excellent choice when you’re looking for more coverage on the bed, want the comforter to hand down further off the bed sides, and / or you have a thick mattress. An oversized comforter also often gives a more luxurious look than regular sizing in comforter sets for beds. Some examples […]

Tropical comforter sets

Tropical comforter sets can make any room feel a little bit like an island paradise. They are also a great choice for decorating beach houses or beach condos. Some examples which are often available online include the following:

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Purple comforter sets

Purple comforter sets are fashionable and stylish. Several such sets are shown below.

Comforter sets for beds come in many colors and patterns. Some colors which are close to purple or a slightly different shade of purple include lilac, violet, plum, and lavender and opening up your search to those colors as well might […]

Down comforter sets

Down is a popular, lightweight fill material for comforters, and an excellent choice when selecting comforter sets for beds. Several examples of down comforter sets can be found below.

When selecting down comforter sets it is useful to consider the fill weight, fill power, and thread count of the cover in addition to the […]